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- FREE Catia online training to enhance design efficiency for advanced Catia users -

Our Design Automation Talent (DAT) Development Program is an intensive training program to develop Skills to establish Design Knowledge Automated Engineering. The goal is to educate, enlighten, and develop multiple talents for Engineers to improve engineering efficiency, and to maximize engineering output. DAT Development Program is the key to a New World of Design Automation.

The all Catia training lessons feature Tool Design as a sample. However, you can apply its method to ANY area (e.g. product design) once you acquired it.

Now Entry Lesson 1 and 2 is available for everyone without registration. Please access them for your reference.
- Entry Lesson 1
- Entry Lesson 2

And Free Catia modeling skill level check exam and Design Automation Exam are available by the end of March, 2011.
NO Catia system is required to take this exam. You can take it anywhere.
- Effective Modeling Exam For FREE (No Catia system required)

- Design Automation Exam For FREE (No Catia system required)

Focus: (for detail course info, click here
- Entry Lesson 1: Catia introduction
Entry Lesson 2basics of Sketcher
Entry Lesson 3basics of Shape Design with Sketcher
Entry Lesson 4basics of Part Design with Sketcher
Entry Lesson 5multi-body parametric and procedural relations
Entry Lesson 6additional techniques to increase toughness using history based CAD
Entry Lesson 7: basics of Draw Functions

Intermediate Lesson 1usage of Design Table
Intermediate Lesson 2: usage of Power Copy
Intermediate Lesson 3automation in an Assembly Environment
Intermediate Lesson 4added techniques to reuse Power Copy

Advanced Lesson 1: create core and cavity separation
Advanced Lesson 2: create Complex Insert Core Solids
Advanced Lesson 3: create Gate, Runner, Gas Relief, and Jetting


  1. Self-learning text for intermediate or advanced CATIA users
  2. Only one know-how teaching text: Designed to learn how to automate design itself using CATIA.
  3. Developed by CATIA Top engineers who have actual experiences of product design and design process innovation in the world.
    (e.g. CATIA Champion at COE top gun competition)
  4. Excellent benefit: Improve your productivity


Timing of DAT Development Program for your Career Path:


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